About Us

About Us


To assist non-profit organizations as they make a positive impact on the quality of life in the Memphis community. 


We support non-profit organizations in our community with pro bono consultants who work in teams. 

The complementary talents, skills and interests of Give Back Memphis (GBM) consultants are matched with the identified needs of non-profit organizations. 


Babs Feibelman and Bill Craddock began a study to identify ways that other communities addressed the needs of non-profit organizations.  After identifying a few models, a decision was made to launch a local version incorporating “Best Practices” from others and tailoring a program for Memphis.

In the summer of 2016, Babs and Bill initiated a pro bono pilot program, Give Back Memphis (GBM), to match the needs of non-profit organizations with the strengths of qualified consultants. This strategy was designed to benefit groups and enhance the overall quality of life in the Memphis metropolitan community.

At the end of 2017, 8 projects were completed with the engagement and professional guidance from 20+ pro bono consultants.

During the first year GBM also initiated continuous improvement methods including:

  • A focus group of our project agencies
  • Benchmarking against projects in other cities with similar intent
  • Evaluation forms for consultants and agencies at the end of an engagement and again one year later
  • Occasional gatherings of consultants for feedback and fellowship

At the end of 2018 nine more projects were completed. Give Back Memphis continued to recruit  experienced, knowledgeable and qualified consultants willing to “give back” to the Memphis non-profit community.

Guiding Principles 

GBM offers these services with a commitment to confidentiality, transparency, adaptability, professionalism and respectful communication to our volunteers and the agencies we serve.