Evaluation and Impact

Response from Agencies

Agency Focus Group (9 attendees 11/8/17)

Asked for words describing their experience with GBM, they said…

  • Generous, direct, organized
  • Comprehensive, sensitive and personal
  • Detailed, organized
  • Productive, learning, expansive
  • Calming, reflective and conversational
  • Exceptional, organized
  • Excellent, cooperative
  • Thoughtful, challenging, expanding
  • Challenging, strategic, caring

Comments from focus group…

“Consultants were a good match for their needs and had the right skill sets …”

“spot on, we needed a CFO and we got one. We needed help with the bylaws and got a lawyer.”

“can’t think of a way it could have been better, 4 consultants all working together.”

“…the assessment spot on, consultants good, wouldn’t change anything.”

All said they have been able to make good use of the project deliverables …

Strategic plans, finances, board development, governance, fund raising and focus groups were all mentioned.

Consultants were a good match for their needs and had the right skill sets

Results from Agency Evaluations 

Was the consultant’s skill set appropriate for your needs? 

No   0   Somewhat   0   Adequate   0    Yes   2  Excellent   8

Was the consultant’s dedication of time and resources to working with you appropriate for your need?

No  0   Somewhat  1   Adequate  0   Yes  1   Excellent   8

Were the recommendations practical and actionable?

No   0    Somewhat  0   Adequate  0  Yes   5   Excellent  5

Comments from selected agencies

Tom Baker: Community Alliance for the Homeless Board Chair:

“All the consultants had the experience and skill sets we needed to get the job done. Their dedication of time and resources was excellent.”

Erin Harris: Carpenter Art and Garden Executive Director:

“Each consultant was an expert in their area, knowledge and experience were outstanding. All the consultants went way above and beyond what was asked/needed. CAG was able to use all recommendations, personal and tailored very specifically to our needs. With their experience and expertise they guided us in several key areas including: accounting, strategic and program planning, legal advice, nonprofit formation, and human resources.”

Ryan Watt, Indie Memphis Executive Director (one year later):

“Beyond the strategic plan and overall direction this initiative provided…I would say that we really took the marketing analyzation to heart. This started with the focus group led by Lisa and the surveys which followed of our film festival, youth fest, and film series attendees. We have taken the data and survey feedback very seriously, it has led to many realizations and improvements we would not have known otherwise. When we look back we realize in how many ways the plan has guided everything we’ve done this year. It’s been immensely  helpful and has done an excellent job keeping us focused and on track.” 

Molly Wexler, Indie Memphis Board Chair:

“When we look back we realize in how many ways the plan has guided everything we’ve done this year. It’s been immensely helpful and has done an excellent job keeping us focused and on track.”

John Golwen, PURE Board Chair:

“First of all, let me tell you how much we appreciate all your group has done for PURE. Your involvement was an answer to our prayers. The success we have experienced in the last few months would not have happened without Give Back Memphis.”

Anne B. Mathes, Community Legal Center Executive Director:

“It has been a pleasure to work with our consultants.  They were a big hit at our Board Boot Camp.  Like the other folks GBM have connected us with, they’ve been warm and supportive and I truly feel mentored by them.”

Comments from Consultants

Michelle L. Fowlkes M.P.A.:

“After 30 years working in the public sector, I have come to recognize the needs of nonprofits. GBM provides an opportunity to build on professional strengths, promote organizational effectiveness and work with an amazing team of experts committed to improving services for nonprofits in Memphis. The environment is inclusive, participatory and cutting edge. Clients are grateful for your time, dedication and resourcefulness.”

Adrienne Timberlake:

“I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Give Back Memphis and their client, Alliance Healthcare Services (AHS). What a worthwhile experience! The project exposed me to an important and valuable local organization that I knew nothing about, and I am so glad that I had the chance to learn about the many vital services they provide to our community. I felt proud to support their work. The entire team was so organized and respectful of our recommendations and our time. It was a pleasure to work alongside the Give Back Memphis and AHS teams.”

Jeff Sanford:

“It is rare in my experience as a consultant to find an opportunity to make a real contribution to the betterment of an important nonprofit, and at the same time feel like I have paid back at least some of the debt I owe to the community that has been so good to me for so long. That is the feeling I had working through Give Back Memphis with the Memphis/Shelby County Alliance for the Homeless. I hope they got as much out of our work together as I did!”

Lisa Kranc:

“I found the GBM experience very fulfilling and even uplifting.  If you want to give back to the community, this organization should be Ground Zero for helping you and your expertise to make a difference in a quick and impactful way in Memphis.”

Holley McGehee:

“It is a real pleasure to be able to help community organizations grow and become more effective in serving our city.  Though my consulting role was targeted and more technical in nature than it was visionary, it gave me the opportunity to be of help and learn about two significant non-profits.”