Agency Commitment

Project requests must be made by the Agency (the non-profit organization’s Executive Director and Board Chair) as representative of the entire board of directors.

Agency must commit to accessibility and active participation throughout the project.

Agency should have the organizational capacity to act upon the GBM team’s recommendations after the project ends.

Give Back Memphis Commitment

We recruit motivated, talented individuals who want to make a difference in their community by completing, pro bono, a substantive volunteer project for local non-profit organizations.

We identify non-profit organizations with critical, capacity-building needs that can be met through short-term projects with well-defined goals.

Based on the needs of each project, we match consultants with non-profit organizations to complete projects with specific outcomes and meaningful impact.

We carefully match project consultants and Agency leadership to create effective working relationships.

Project Opportunities

We have served agencies with missions that focus on education, arts, social services, family and youth, housing, health, and more.

Projects areas:

  • Board Development
  • Funding Strategies (including earned revenue)
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing
  • Facility Assessment and Planning
  • Program Scope and Analysis
  • Legal Services

Summary of Projects and Participants

2020 Projects

Memphis Jewish Federation

Purpose:   Memphis Jewish Federation (MJF) has requested assistance from Give Back Memphis (GBM) to conduct a survey and focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of Jewish teen interests.

Consultants: Lisa Kranc, Dr. Steve Ross, Jessica Webb

A Way Out

Purpose:   To assist the board and staff in reviewing operational infrastructure of organization including staff, program, evaluation, and governance issues and make necessary recommendations regarding growth and sustainability of the organization.

Consultant: Gib Vestal

Memphis Black Arts Alliance

Purpose:   To assist MBAA to identify the landscape of organizations that serve the related community and within this network, to identify unmet needs that MBAA can serve.

Consultants: Calvin Anderson, Michelle Fowlkes

Constance Abbey

Purpose:   To assist in development of a financial system to track and organize all transactions for appropriate program allocations and prepare an operating budget and financial reports as needed.

Consultant: Trish Pontius

National Ornamental Metal Museum

Purpose:  To provide the development officer of the Metal Museum with a mentor to strengthen her fund development and management skills.

Consultant: Paula Jacobsen

Arrow Creative

Purpose: To provide assistance with Board development including clarification of the roles and responsibilities of Board membership.

Consultants: Andrea Bienstock, Alan Blair

2019 Projects

Community Alliance for the Homeless (CAFTH)

Project: To assist CAFTH in reviewing current staff needs and developing a comprehensive human resources strategy. Project completed.

Consultants: Mark Jones, Richard Reinhardt

For The Kingdom (FTK)

Project: To assist FTK in conducting a strategic review of FTK’s marketing approach, ministry accountability standards, facility booking strategy, facility pricing, donor contact, capital expenditure priorities, contracts and financial processes. Project completed.

Consultant: Gib Vestal

Voices of the South (VOS)

Project: To assist Voices of the South in development of a 3–5 year strategic plan inclusive of organization development and sustainability.  The plan will also have a marketing component aimed toward enhanced ticket sales as well as donor cultivation.

       Consultants: Michelle Fowlkes, Lisa Kranc, Barbara Lapides

Junior League of Memphis (JLM)

Project: To facilitate a business planning process to include due diligence and development of possible strategies to proceed with additional structure and programs for leadership training. Project completed.

       Consultants: Trish Pontius, David Ciscel

Heights (CDC)

Project:  To assist the Heights CDC to develop a Business Plan to help realign funding streams with the CDC’s program aspirations.  The plan will include a three- year pro forma budget as well as an analysis of staffing needs for success.

Consultants: Les Edwards, Jeff Sanford

Memphis Area Legal Services  (MALS)

Project:  To assist the Senior Management and Board of MALS in developing an analysis and strategy to upgrade and improve the functionality of their technological systems. Project completed.

Consultants: Jessica Hackett, Tom Slagle

Mid South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethic

Project:  To assist Mid South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethics to develop a three year Strategic Plan along with a Funding Strategy to support the plan. Project completed.

Consultants: Alan Blair, Lee Grinspan

Community LIFT

Purpose:  To assist LIFT in development of a Strategic Plan for major impact in reviving disinvested neighborhoods. Also to address governance issues to help realign staff and engage board members in the work of LIFT.

Consultants: Phil Converse, Jef Feibelman

Families Matter

Purpose:  To assist Families Matter (FM) in conducting a strategic review of FM’s programs, funding plan, staffing plans, goals & objectives and facility plans. Project completed.

Consultants: Gib Vestal, Steve Ross

PRIZM Ensemble

Purpose:  To assist PRIZM Ensemble to enhance the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and to assist PRIZM in creating fundraising strategies.

  Consultants: Blanchard Tual, Lori Guyton

The Lisieux Community

Purpose:  To assist the Lisieux Community board and staff in Board development and financial analysis.

  Consultants: Barbara Sysak, Cathy VanLeit

The Big Heart Fund

Purpose:  To assist The Big Heart Fund in board development and to explore strategic alliances for future collaboration and development.

  Consultants: Barbara King, Holley McGehee,    Gary Shorb

901 Girls with Goals

Purpose:  In Phase 1, GBM consultants will assist 901 Girls with Goals review and improve the governance of the organization. In Phase 2, GBM consultants will assist in development of a Business Plan.

Consultants: John McQuiston, Leonard Kaye

STARS (Students Tackling Autism-Related Syndromes)

Purpose:   To provide an in-depth assessment of STARS board and staff needs, strengths, weaknesses, and readiness for a strategic plan. 

Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Barbara Prescott

Midtown Memphis Development Corporation

Purpose:   To research alternative business models that would provide dedicated and thus predictable funding sufficient to support aggressive implementation of the MMDC’s five-year strategic plan. To provide the MMDC board with recommendations of alternative business models on completion of the research.

Consultant: Jeff Sanford

2018 Projects


Project: Provide assistance for Board and pilot program development leading to a business plan for program expansion and sustainability; and to provide guidance in grant writing to underwrite seed funding. Project Completed.

Consultants: Michelle Fowkles, Susanne Landau, Gib Vestal

Merge Memphis (MM)

Project: Provide advice regarding property acquisition including a financial analysis of all associated facility costs. Project Completed.

Consultants: Allen Malone, Doug Smith, Greg Spillyards

One Step Initiative  (OSI)

Project: Enable OSI to scale and achieve stability with consultants in marketing, business planning and governance. Project Completed.

Consultants: Barbara Prescott, David Ciscel, Beverly Robertson, Ralph Yaffe

Thistle and Bee  (T&B)

Project: Assess the organization’s stage of development and establish priorities in areas of governance, leadership, production and operational strategy, job descriptions, and evaluation. Project completed.

Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Cathy Van Leit, Mark Jones, Tom Slagle

Community Legal Center (CLC)

Project: Assist CLC to assess and establish key priorities in the areas of governance and board development. Project completed.

Consultants: Jeff Sanford, Blanchard Tual

Shelby County Veterans Court Foundation (VCF)

Project: Review and assist in board development, grant writing, and fundraising. Project Completed.

Consultants: Allen Blair, Barbara King

Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA)

Project: Strengthen the governance of TAEA by assisting TAEA to review/revise the, By Laws, Constitution, job descriptions and new policies and procedures document.

Consultants: Cindy Ettingoff, James Jalenak

The Lynching Sites of Memphis (LSM)

Project: To facilitate a strategic planning process to include board development, and to provide fundraising guidance.

Consultants: Dorothy Johnson, Susanne Landau

Memphis Library Foundation (MLF)

Project: To define and strengthen the relationships among Memphis Library Foundation, the Memphis Public Library and other partnership organizations. Project completed.

Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Holley McGehee

2016 – 2017

Indie Memphis

Project: Fundraising, marketing, and governance assistance leading to creation of a Strategic Plan. Project Completed.

Consultants: Phil Converse, Jane Fulmer, Lee Grinspan, Lisa Kranc, Holley McGehee, Barbara Prescott

Carpenter Art and Garden

Project: Development of financial management systems, program analysis to result in a business plan, human resource review and successful filing of independent 501 c (3) status. Project Completed.

Consultants: Michelle Fowlkes, Lee Grinspan, Mark Jones, John McQuiston, Trish Pontius

The Community Alliance For The Homeless (CAFTH)

Project: Reviewed and assisted in development of a strategic plan and governance issues. Project completed.

Consultants: Yvonne Matlock, Holley McGehee, Jeff Sanford, Gary Shorb

Let’s Innovate Through Education (LITE)

Project: Mentorship to the executive director of LITE to enhance the director’s skill set regarding management, reasonable and sustainable growth, and maintaining productive partnerships. Project completed.

Consultants: Jim Jalenak, Jessica Johnson Webb

Community Legal Center (CLC)

Project: Review and assistance in development of a fundraising strategy.
 Project completed.

Consultants: Phil Converse, Elaine Kaufman, Janie McCrary

National Ornamental Metal Museum (NOMM)

Project: Review and assistance to develop governance objectives and financial analysis of the organization. Project Completed.

Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Simon Wadsworth

Alliance Healthcare Services (AHS)

Project: Development of materials to articulate and convey the mission, programs, and impact of AHS to the participants, staff, partnership organizations, funding sources, and the Memphis community. Specifically a Power Point presentation and brochures were developed. Project completed.

Consultants: Lee Grinspan, Russ Williams (Archer Malmo)

All Memphis

Project: Assistance for the organization to achieve non-profit status. Project Completed.

Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Andy Jones, Laurel Williams