Consulting Services

To date Give Back Memphis has worked with 39 unique nonprofits, often on more than one project.  In the first half of 2020, Give Back Memphis launched 12 new consultancies and designed specific consulting services to meet the implications of operating during a global pandemic.

Give Back Memphis provides professional services in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Analysis
  • Human resources
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Crisis Management
  • Thought Partner

Some of the Clients we serve:

2020 Projects

Thistle and Bee – finance analysis, fundraising

Consultants: Paula Jacobson, Trish Pontius

Carpenter Art Garden – program analysis, strategic planning

Consultants: Juanita Ortiz, Rachel Shankman

Community Legal Center – human resources, mentoring

Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Athena Palmer

Love Doesn’t Hurt – board development, grant writing

Consultant: Barbara King

The A Way Out Program – operational and organizational assessment

Consultant: Gib Vestal

Memphis Black Arts Alliance – identify role and landscape network with other organizations in community

Consultants: Calvin Anderson, Michelle Fowlkes

Constance Abbey – financial analysis and development

Consultant: Trish Pontius

National Ornamental Metal Museum – mentor and thought partner

Consultant: Paula Jacobson

Arrow Creative – governance and board development

Consultants: Andrea Bienstock, Alan Blair

2019 Projects

Community Alliance for the Homeless (CAFTH) – human resources and staffing

Consultants: Mark Jones, Richard Reinhardt

For The Kingdom (FTK) – strategic planning and financial analysis

Consultant: Gib Vestal

Voices of the South – strategic planning, marketing

Consultants: Michelle Fowlkes, Lisa Kranc, Barbara Lapides

Junior League of Memphis – facility assessment with financial analysis

Consultants: Trish Pontius, David Ciscel

Heights (CDC) – strategic planning and financial analysis

Consultants: Les Edwards, Jeff Sanford

Memphis Area Legal Services (MALS) – strategic planning for technology systems

Consultants: Jessica Hackett, Tom Slagle

Mid South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethic – strategic planning

Consultants: Alan Blair, Lee Grinspan

Community LIFT – governance, board development

Consultants: Phil Converse, Jef Feibelman

Families Matter – strategic planning, human resources, fundraising, program evaluation

Consultants: Gib Vestal, Steve Ross

PRIZM Ensemble – marketing and board development

Consultants: Blanchard Tual, Lori Guyton

The Lisieux Community – board development and financial analysis

Consultants: Barbara Sysak, Cathy VanLeit, Terry Saunders

The Big Heart Fund – organization assessment

Consultants: Barbara King, Holley McGehee, Gary Shorb

901 Girls with Goals – governance and business planning

Consultants: John McQuiston, Leonard Kaye

STARS (Students Tackling Autism-Related Syndromes) – governance and board development

Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Barbara Prescott

Midtown Memphis Development Corporation – strategic planning, communication

Consultant: Jeff Sanford

2018 Projects 

P.U.R.E. – board development, financial analysis, fundraising

Consultants: Michelle Fowkles, Susanne Landau, Gib Vestal

Merge Memphis – Legal assistance, financial analysis

Consultants: Allen Malone, Doug Smith, Greg Spillyards

One Step Initiative – strategic planning, financial analysis, marketing

Consultants: Barbara Prescott, David Ciscel, Beverly Robertson, Ralph Yaffe

Thistle and Bee – strategic planning, human resources, governance, production review

Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Cathy Van Leit, Mark Jones, Tom Slagle

Community Legal Center (CLC) – governance and board development

Consultants: Jeff Sanford, Blanchard Tual

Shelby County Veterans Court Foundation (SCVCF) – board development, fundraising

Consultants: Allen Blair, Barbara King

Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA) – governance, HR

Consultants: Cindy Ettingoff, James Jalenak, Mark Jones

The Lynching Sites of Memphis – strategic planning, board development, fundraising

Consultants: Dorothy Johnson, Susanne Landau

Memphis Library Foundation – strategic review

Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Holley McGehee

2016 – 2017 Projects

Indie Memphis – governance, strategic planning, fundraising

Consultants: Phil Converse, Jane Fulmer, Lisa Kranc, Holley McGehee, Barbara Prescott

Carpenter Art Garden – strategic planning, human resources, program analysis, finance

Consultants: Michelle Fowlkes, Lee Grinspan, Mark Jones, John McQuiston, Trish Pontius

The Community Alliance For The Homeless (CAFTH) – strategic planning, governance

Consultants: Yvonne Madlock, Holley McGehee, Jeff Sanford, Gary Shorb

Let’s Innovate Through Education (LITE) – mentoring,

Consultants: Jim Jalenak, Jessica Johnson Webb

Community Legal Center (CLC) – fundraising

Consultants: Phil Converse, Elaine Kaufman, Janie McCrary

National Ornamental Metal Museum – governance and financial analysis

Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Simon Wadsworth

Alliance Healthcare Services (AHS) – marketing

Consultants: Lee Grinspan, Russ Williams (Archer Malmo)

All Memphis – governance

Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Andy Jones, Laurel Williams