2020 Projects

Thistle and Bee – finance analysis, fundraising
Consultants: Paula Jacobson, Trish Pontius
Carpenter Art Garden – program analysis, strategic planning
Consultants: Juanita Ortiz, Rachel Shankman
Community Legal Center – human resources, mentoring
Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Athena Palmer
Love Doesn’t Hurt – board development, grant writing
Consultant: Barbara King
The A Way Out Program – operational and organizational assessment
Consultant: Gib Vestal
Memphis Black Arts Alliance – identify role and landscape network with other organizations in community
Consultants: Calvin Anderson, Michelle Fowlkes
Constance Abbey – financial analysis and development
Consultant: Trish Pontius
National Ornamental Metal Museum – mentor and thought partner
Consultant: Paula Jacobson
Arrow Creative – governance and board development
Consultants: Andrea Bienstock, Alan Blair

2019 Projects

Community Alliance for the Homeless (CAFTH) – human resources and staffing
Consultants: Mark Jones, Richard Reinhardt
For The Kingdom (FTK) – strategic planning and financial analysis
Consultant: Gib Vestal
Voices of the South – strategic planning, marketing
Consultants: Michelle Fowlkes, Lisa Kranc, Barbara Lapides
Junior League of Memphis – facility assessment with financial analysis
Consultants: Trish Pontius, David Ciscel
Heights (CDC) – strategic planning and financial analysis
Consultants: Les Edwards, Jeff Sanford
Memphis Area Legal Services (MALS) – strategic planning for technology systems
Consultants: Jessica Hackett, Tom Slagle
Mid South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethic – strategic planning
Consultants: Alan Blair, Lee Grinspan
Community LIFT – governance, board development
Consultants: Phil Converse, Jef Feibelman
Families Matter – strategic planning, human resources, fundraising, program evaluation
Consultants: Gib Vestal, Steve Ross
PRIZM Ensemble – marketing and board development
Consultants: Blanchard Tual, Lori Guyton
The Lisieux Community – board development and financial analysis
Consultants: Barbara Sysak, Cathy VanLeit, Terry Saunders
The Big Heart Fund – organization assessment
Consultants: Barbara King, Holley McGehee, Gary Shorb
901 Girls with Goals – governance and business planning
Consultants: John McQuiston, Leonard Kaye
STARS (Students Tackling Autism-Related Syndromes) – governance and board development
Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Barbara Prescott
Midtown Memphis Development Corporation – strategic planning, communication
Consultant: Jeff Sanford

2018 Projects

P.U.R.E. – board development, financial analysis, fundraising
Consultants: Michelle Fowkles, Susanne Landau, Gib Vestal
Merge Memphis – Legal assistance, financial analysis
Consultants: Allen Malone, Doug Smith, Greg Spillyards
One Step Initiative – strategic planning, financial analysis, marketing
Consultants: Barbara Prescott, David Ciscel, Beverly Robertson, Ralph Yaffe
Thistle and Bee – strategic planning, human resources, governance, production review
Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Cathy Van Leit, Mark Jones, Tom Slagle
Community Legal Center (CLC) – governance and board development
Consultants: Jeff Sanford, Blanchard Tual
Shelby County Veterans Court Foundation (SCVCF) – board development, fundraising
Consultants: Allen Blair, Barbara King
Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA) – governance, HR
Consultants: Cindy Ettingoff, James Jalenak, Mark Jones
The Lynching Sites of Memphis – strategic planning, board development, fundraising
Consultants: Dorothy Johnson, Susanne Landau
Memphis Library Foundation – strategic review
Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Holley McGehee

2016 – 2017 Projects

Indie Memphis – governance, strategic planning, fundraising
Consultants: Phil Converse, Jane Fulmer, Lisa Kranc, Holley McGehee, Barbara Prescott
Carpenter Art Garden – strategic planning, human resources, program analysis, finance
Consultants: Michelle Fowlkes, Lee Grinspan, Mark Jones, John McQuiston, Trish Pontius
The Community Alliance For The Homeless (CAFTH) – strategic planning, governance
Consultants: Yvonne Madlock, Holley McGehee, Jeff Sanford, Gary Shorb
Let’s Innovate Through Education (LITE) – mentoring,
Consultants: Jim Jalenak, Jessica Johnson Webb
Community Legal Center (CLC) – fundraising
Consultants: Phil Converse, Elaine Kaufman, Janie McCrary
National Ornamental Metal Museum – governance and financial analysis
Consultants: Barbara Lapides, Simon Wadsworth
Alliance Healthcare Services (AHS) – marketing
Consultants: Lee Grinspan, Russ Williams (Archer Malmo)
All Memphis – governance
Consultants: Jef Feibelman, Andy Jones, Laurel Williams